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Norden, Abildgaarden, Yrkegaarden, Forsøgsgaarden, Heimdal, the Faroe Islands, Caritas, Solgården, the bungalows, and the main building are the different houses at Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup. 


is located on the road and was originally run as stables for horses to shift on route from Aabenraa to Sønderborg and to Nordborg. 


was built in 1935 by English students under the guidance of carpenter Karl Hansen. 
They were picked up from the ship in Esbjerg by the assistant schoolmaster (student teacher) Børge Hansen. 
Together they rode to Vollerup and built for 5 weeks, and then they returned to the English boat in Esbjerg. 
Originally there were 2 dormitories with 6 and 12 beds, with varnished wooden triple bunk beds. In the center there was a fireplace lounge with a fireplace, tables and chairs. 
The house has since been rebuilt with new walls, windows and roof and has 4 bedrooms all with private entrance and private bathroom facility.  


The house was dismantled in internment camp Frøslevlejren in 1947 and rebuilt at the hostel. It was later enlarged and rebuilt with new walls, roof and windows. Currently the house has 6 rooms, 2 of which have a private bathroom facility and 4 with shared bathroom facilities. Yrkegaaarden is mostly used for school camps but also for families who prefer a slightly cheaper accommodation. In front of the house there is a lovely terrace and direct access to a large playground. 


is where Danhostel Sønderborg's kitchen is located. Here we prepare great food and old Southern Jutland dishes. 

The hostel's dining room, which serves delicious large breakfast buffet. You can also order dinner a day before. 

Faroe Islands 
The building consists of 6 small 2-bed rooms. The house has a shared bathroom facility, living room and kitchenette. Behind the house is a small lawn with garden tables. The whole house can be rented for a family gathering or the like. Of course you can also rent rooms individually. 

The name goes back to World War 2 (the former owner Johanne Hansen was in the concentration camp at Ravensbruck in Germany). Afterwards she named the house "Caritas" which means "charity". The house was built in the sixties. The rooms are not very big but cozy. There are 5 2-bed rooms (2 box mattresses) with new bathrooms and toilets, with new wooden floors. 

has a short story. In 1994 we got an EU agreement where we would receive classes from Leipzig area. We rushed home from Berlin and built a house with 10 6-bed rooms. The first classes came in May 1995, they stayed for 9 days and there were two full-day tours of the project. 

Since then Solgaaarden got a new roof, solar hot water and floor heating. There is Genvex throughout the house, so it is hypoallergenic. Furthermore, Solgården is built to meet the needs of disabled guests.

In 2002 the 10 bungalows were built. They are 42 sqm, have a living rrom, kitchen, two 2-bed rooms and loft in full stand height. Each bungalow has a private bathroom facility, terrace furniture, access to gril, washing room and drying room. 

Main building - see below hostel's history

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