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Family holiday in Sonderborg


Family holiday

Danhostel Sønderborg-Vollerup is located in a beautiful area surrounded by nature, including walking distance to beach and forest. There is always something to do for everyone, as many activities are offered here. For both parents and for children this is the place to be, as everyone will get to enjoy themselves. The selection of rooms/cabins/cottages gives a cozy feeling and makes it easier to relax, and the very many activities will even keep the most active children busy. Of course there are also many activites for the parents, so they have the opportunity to relax doing something they love, e.g. play golf, go fishing or cycling etc. Noone will be bored here!

Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup has a variety of room types. 
In the main building there are cozy rooms furnished with 2 single beds, a table with a set of chairs and a sink, and a shared bathroom facility in the corridor. Since the house was built in 1850, it gives a museum-like feeling and so many of our returning guests prefer to stay there. During the summer months the thick walls keep the rooms refreshingly cool.

Rooms in buildings Caritas and Northern countries are equipped with 2 beds and a private bathroom.

Solgården offers spacious family rooms for 4 - 6 persons equipped with 2 box mattresses and 2 bunk beds. Thus, 4 people can stay here without having to climb to the upper bunk. All rooms have a private bathroom facility and one of the rooms also has a kitchenette. The whole building has floor heating and genwex (climate improvement).

Yrkegården offers two 4-bed rooms with private bathroom, two 6-bed rooms, one 4-bed rooms and one 8-bed room, all of them equipped with a sink and sharing a bathroom facility. Right outside the building there is playground and so Yrkegården is ideal for families with children.

Faroe Islands are equipped with two 2-bed rooms, both with a sink and a shared bathroom facility in the corridor. Furthermore, the building has a small living room with kitchenette. It is also possible to rent the whole house.

Abildgården offers one 2-bed rooms, two 4-bed rooms, and one 6-bed rooms, all of which have a private bathroom and entrance.

The bungalows are equipped small cottages with two 2-bed rooms furnished with single beds with new spring mattresses and a loft, living room, bathroom facility, and kitchen. On the patio in front of the bungalow there is outdoor seating. Guests have the opportunity to use the barbecue facility, laundry room, etc.
Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup has 2 equipped guest kitchens (pots and pans, coffee machine, kettle, oven, microwave, fridge), both with dining rooms, open 24/7. You are welcome to bring your service or rent a cart at our reception.  
We also have 2 living rooms, one with TV and the other one more like a library.

Online booking & Find your price

Prices from (shared shower): Prices up to (with shower):
Single room Per night € 33,- Per night € 70,-
Double room Per night € 60,- Per night € 70,-
3 beds Per night € 70,- Per night € 85,-
4 beds Per night € 70,- Per night € 85,-
5 beds Per night € 85,- Per night € 99,-
6 beds Per night € 99,- Per night € 118,-
Cottage 2 x 2 bedroom, bad/shower; kitchen Per night € 114,- Per week € 500,-
Find your price Find your price
Breakfast adult  Per person € 8,-
Breakfast children u.12 year.  Per person € 5,-
 Self-made lunch packet with Fruit or Coffee/tea   Per person € 9,-
Dinner with 1 water/ 1Bier or 1 glass of wine.  Per person € 19,-
Bed linens and towels bed done € 14,-  Per person € 8,-
Universe adult  Per person € 28,-
Universe children (4-11)  Per person € 25,-
Universe, History Center 1864, Sønderborg Castle (adult)  Per person € 42,-
Universe, History Center 1864, Sønderborg Castle (children - up to 17 year)  Per person € 28,-
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