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If you fancy a bike ride, you are welcome to visit our tourist office, where you will find good maps with routes, plus brochures about the Gendarmstien path and the state forests. The area has many marked cycle routes. The local, regional and national routes take you past the area’s many attractions.

 Welcome to our biker:
Storage of bicycles in a locked room
  Cleaning facilities for bikes
  Workshop with bike tools, suspension and pum
  Meeting room available for groups
  Flexible catering to biker
  Common room   
Access to laundry room     
Guest Kitchen available for snacking

The peninsula Kegnæs on southern Als has a very nice 25 km route where you can mostly cycle on the small roads. Local route 31 will take you across the peninsula, past Kegnæs Ferry (a ferry sailed here toHøruphav until 1969) and along the water to Kegnæs Ende, where you can enjoy the view of Høruphavand Broagerland. You can visit Sønderby, where the narrow Sønderby Street features little, thatched houses. 

You can choose your routes yourself among the many roads and paths in the impressive hardwood forests and let your route take you past the many burial mounds and special attractions in the Nørreskovenforest, the Sønderskoven forest or the Gråsten forests. The route itself takes around an hour, but you should devote 2-3 hours to it so that you have time to stop and have a look at some of the lovely locations that you will come across.

The Gendarmstien path does not allow you to cycle all the way, but the detailed map of the path has indications of alternative routes for cyclists. The route leads you along the water and through a beautiful, varied landscape with hills, marshland and meadows. You can pick up the brochure with maps af the path from the tourist office.

If you fancy a longer bike ride, you can choose regional route 2, that will take you from Sønderborg through Als to Hardeshøj, where you can take the ferry to Ballebro on the mainland. The bike is free. See the ferry timetable on p. 93. From Ballebro you can either choose national route 5 back toDybbøl/Sønderborg or one of the many local routes that will take you along winding roads. If you feel like experiencing the local atmosphere, you can stop and visit one of the intimate inns or visit the little galleries, museums and collections on your way.

Local route 21 is around 26 km long and takes you around Broagerland. It begins in Broager and passes Cathrinesminde TileworksBrunsnæsGammelgab and the beach at Vemmingbund.

Local route 24 is around 23 km long and begins in Vester Sottrup. One of the places that it passes is Nydam Mose bog, where Conrad Engelhardt found three boats, weapons, jewelry and coins in 1863 that stem from antiquity. On August 17 a copy of the ‘Nydam Boat’ will be launched at Sottrup Forest, which the bicycle route also passes.

The 28 km long local route 36 begins and ends in Augustenborg. The route passes, among other places, Ketting Nor cove, the Nørreskoven forest and Asserballe.

Route 37 is a tour of northern Als and begins in Nordborg. The route goes past, among other things,Holm, where you will find the oldest farm on Als, ‘Jollmands Farm’ from the 1700s. It is well worth a visit. The route then takes you through Dyvig past the re-established Mjels Lake with its rich birdlife, to Havnbjerg. You then go to the east coast of the island and back to Nordborg. In several places, the route takes you over high hills where you can enjoy the view of both Jutland and Funen. The route is 37 km.

Route 29 is a bike ride of just over an hour and begins at Sønderborg Castle. The route goes through the Sønderskoven forest, through Ulkebøl to Arnkil, where the battle about Als took place in 1864. The peninsula has many graves belonging to the soldiers who fought in this battle.

Route 28 starts at Chr. X’s Bridge and follows the Dybbøl Gendarmestien path along the water. Then it goes east past Nybøl and Vester Sottrup towards Ragebøl, back to Dybbøl and then past History Centre Dybbøl Banke and Dybbøl Mill, both of which are worth a visit.

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